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Link your tabletop games into campaigns

Visualise, plan and replay battles

Track all your battles & share your results

Turn your battles into a war

Campaigns and Tournaments for Tabletop Battles

Combine your tabletop battles and gaming sessions into an ongoing persistent war. Invite your friends and enemies to join you on large scale campaigns with multiple armies, factions and players.

Adaptable to any tabletop wargame and beyond, with specific maps and story driven campaigns designed for the leading games.

Tabletop Conflict allows you to create a strategic, planning layer, where you can explore and conquer realms, but fight your battles with your favourite tabletop games. The outcome of those gaming sessions are then reflected back onto the strategic map giving a larger scale to your conflicts. So instead of playing one-off battles, you can link your games with larger strategies, scenarios and story driven challenges.

Into The Rift

A Kings of War Interactive Event

Into the Rift is an interactive event for Kings of War that combines elements of a tournament in a narrative campaign setting.

Select to find out more and take part.

Visually Rich Maps

Navigate strategic campaigns across game specific maps, fantasy, futuristic, apocalyptic and historical landscapes.

Regions & Areas

Utilise regions and areas of a map instead of movement over a grid - either standard movement or objectives.

Maps Not Needed?

Simply play through defined linear objectives to track an overarching campaign quest.

Link games and play campaigns how you want to play them

Scale for the amount of players or length of play, from quick skirmishes to full-on multiplayer marathons. Choose from a variety of options, allowing you to shape and personalise your campaign, define the scale, length, victory conditions and much, much more.

Flexible Options

Keep it simple with no rules, fighting battle after battle, or add more complexity by tracking points to distribute throughout your armies.

Score battles however you want and have objectives, resource points or territory bonuses to gain additional points.

Set your own victory conditions - taking a competitor’s fortress; percentage of map; objectives, amount of turns; or total domination.

Play at Your Pace

Accessible anywhere - play your turn and wait as your opponents and allies are notified, then make your next commands.

Watch Moves & Strategies Unfold

Look back at the moves you and your opponents have made and predict their strategies, or revisit finished campaigns replaying history.

Beta Sign Up

Sign up for Beta access, provide feedback, help shape Tabletop Conflict, be notified of updates and upon release.

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Narrative Campaigns

Stories can bring your campaign alive, from setting the scene to various trigger points throughout - be it an objective encountered, a location discovered, a battle won or lost or an impending deadline! These twists and turns will help shape your journey and battles, giving a different path and outcome each time for all players.

My unit began to move, fast-paced and efficient, heading toward the right-hand side of the road. With haste, we formed a battalion square. Our bodies pressed tight, rifles levelled at the coming cavalry.

“Take aim.” The general bellowed, then “Fire!”

A crackling like that of lightning rippled across the square, some five hundred rifles at least emptying their barrels upon the charging horsemen. Dozens of the riders tumbled from their mounts, caught in the tack or trampled beneath the frenzy of hooves. Here and there a horse fell, causing a cascade of bodies behind it. Like a great machine of war, we braced our bayonets against the blood-stained ground. Pushing aside the corpses of our fallen comrades.

The cavalry hit like unstoppable rams, sending men flying and tumbling around them. A dun steed crushed my neighbour beneath its bulk as it fell onto the bayonets, and the rider slashed toward me with his blade. I ducked, but not fast enough to avoid a grisly cut to the side of the head. I grasped for my rifle in the dirt and ran him through.