Playtesting 1st Storydriven Campaign

The full playtest of the first storydriven campaign - Lambs to the Slaughter, worked amazingly well and was really enjoyable which accumulated to an intense finale!

As expected there were a few turns as the forces moved into position and followed the campaigns' initial objectives, then the first wave of battles ensued. These resulted in a pincer movement from the white team, which reflected on the tabletop battle briefing stating the starting positions, with one opposition force defending in the centre of the table within a village and their secondary support opposition force coming from the East, with the white armies surrounding to the North and South.

The knockback effect for the loser, gave the winner a chance to maneuver towards their next objective with the balance swaying throughout. As the story unfolded, the white team looking sure of success, then with a race to the finish and a climactic battle where two opposition forces just managed to win on the objective against three armies from the white team!

Because it's a storydriven campaign, full details and Battle Reports can't be shared, but it played out across 16 turns with 11 real-world tabletop battles. Although based on a random map with relevant map objectives for the campaign, there were no additional point tracking for armies, which kept it simple. Other future playthroughs will test out using force lists, varying army points to test balance and attrition and randomising objective locations on the map for replayability.

What interesting or exciting experiences have you had with campaigns you've run in the past?