Written by Overlord: Turn 2

Written 1 year ago 10th September 2020

Pausing for breath, the lead ogre units had done their work and moved to reinforce their beachhead and wait for the rest of the crew. Hauling the heavy cannons with them and accompanied by the Horny Hagrath’s siege breakers the backbone of the buccaneers strode into view. Grumbling incantations under their breaths the ship’s pair of elderly warlocks shambled behind. Something was shifting in the copse over the slight hillock to the North East. Cautiously the lads decided to investigate.

The animated shrubs and topiary burst from the woods and were instantly up close and personal. A shadowy druid skulked at their rear and a gloriously winged unicorn swept along the battlefield’s flank. As the two forces clashed in the centre a great stag began at a canter before thundering into the ogre lines. Bowed but unbroken the abhumans retaliated and their counter punch backed up by their warlocks’ magic broke down the forces of nature.

Deciding it wiser to flee to fight another day, Master Druid Silvanus retreated to source more timber to bend to his will.

On the outskirts of Ostvangr Keep, the Black Order stood wordlessly watching. Deciding that was quite enough messing about the ogres advanced. Lightning split the air and forked down to smite the rough northerners’ tamed foxes announcing the start of battle. Hesitant in the face of the brutal cavalry that opposed them the Pirates held their line and their nerve allowing their goblin ally to manoeuvre into position on a slight rise. Forced into advancing by the barrage of spells and threat of cannon fire the Black Order charged the Ogre lines as the last of their canine pets were burnt to a crisp.

Simultaneously Kuzlo finally gave up his vantage point and drove Madfall down off the hill into the great winged Chimera slaying him with the assistance of some well-placed cannon clubbings. Some of the lads went down but as against their other foes, they held their ground and countered, tipping the balance. The last of the howling horsemen continued their advance from the field and with that the day was done.

Jock strode round the makeshift camp his shipmates had erected, exchanging warm embraces and hearty laughter. It had been a day of plunder, loot and glory and whatever this vast, empty, Northern realm had in store the Skinned Elf’s crew he was sure there more to be had.