Winter War - A Kings of War Campaign

"...the arrival of the comet in the skies always marks a time of great change, according to local tradition in the North. Fortunes change, cities grow wealthy and prosperous, towns and villages fall into ruin and disrepair, and vice versa. Every hundred years, the comet appears in the skies above and soothsayers raise blind eyes to the heavens, the skeins of fate twisting and turning observable only to those with the witching eye.

And yet not one of them predicted that on the final day of autumn, when the skies split apart and lightning rained down as if hurled by a raging god, the comet would come thundering into the earth. In the moment of its arrival, a dozen towns and villages were utterly obliterated; the fury of its descent blocked out the sun itself, casting the land into a bitter winter.

Neither did the soothsayers know what would arise from the ashes of the comet, nor of the brutal war that would be waged over the coming months to seize what lay at its blackened heart."

This campaign has been created by Louis Augustus‎ from the Central London Kings of War Gaming Club.