Into The Rift

Started 13th November 2020
Ended 1st February 2021

In their greed and their arrogance, the Abyssal Dwarfs have dug too deep. In the bowels of Pannithor they have exposed something ancient, something dangerous.

There are certain events that simply cannot go unnoticed for long. As reality bends under the Halpi Mountains, the great Institutions of Pannithor stir, slowly and inevitably turning their gaze towards the Rift.

Beneath these mountains lies the promise of knowledge, riches, influence and power– for those strong enough to seize it.

Are you ready to play your part?

Into the Rift

Into the Rift is an interactive event that combines elements of a tournament in a narrative campaign setting.

It is a 5 game event, where you will be matched against an opponent each round. Once being matched up, you will have two weeks in which to play your game and report your results.

Games will predominately be played using the Universal Battle 2 online platform, although if it safe and legal to do so where you live, players can play their games however they choose.

Players can change their army and lists freely between rounds to allow them to experience as much of the Halpi’s Rift rules as possible.

Each round will be played on one of the Planes of Magic and will use all of the new rules and content from the Halpi’s Rift supplement. That means all of the new spells, heroes, magical mercenaries, changes to scenarios and the channelling table.


Magic Plane


Game Size

Chess Clock Time (per player)


Material Plane


2000 points

60 minutes


Abyssal Plane

Push (2 tokens per player)

2000 points

60 minutes


Empyrean Plane


2300 points

70 minutes


Eternal Plane

Pillage (7 objectives)

2300 points

70 minutes


Astral Plane


3000 points

90 minutes

*Chess clocks are recommended in order to keep games to a manageable time, but are not compulsory. The times above are recommended minimum times but could be extended if both players agree.

The event will use the Northern Kings Scoring System.

If narrative play isn’t for you, this is really all you need to know. Into the Rift is a way to have five games of Kings of War arranged for you, using all of the awesome new content from Halpi’s Rift.

The story, before the story

The Nexus has been unleashed and all of Pannithor has been alerted to what the Abyssal Dwarfs have unearthed below the Halpi Mountains. The great factions of Pannithor are converging and when they reach the Rift, mighty heroes and wicked villains will decide the fate of all Pannithor … but that is a story for another day, for that is not the story we’re telling.

The Hegemony of Basilea or the impossible spires of Chill may seem like the seats of power in Pannithor, but there are other groups that have just as much influence over events - and they too seek to stake their claim on the Halpi Mountains. These Institutions are not kingdoms or city states, but they wield real power. Some operate in the shadows and some in the cold light of day. They are marching to the Rift – and it is their story we will tell.

Into the Rift is meant as a way to tie a narrative element into allowing people to experience the full gambit of the Halpi’s Rift supplement. It is not a replacement for the global campaign that Mantic had been due to run in Summer 2020 (damn you COVID!).

The global campaign will still be going ahead in early 2021 – therefore Into the Rift is telling a different story...

The Institutions

When you register for the event you will automatically be allocated to one of four Institutions. Each Institution represents a powerful group within Pannithor that is hoping to stake its claim on the Halpi Mountains.

The Institutions are;

More details on the Institutions will be announced over the coming days.

Your Institution will be your ‘team’ throughout Into the Rift – all of your results will go towards your team’s total, so even the most crushing defeat or hard fought draw contributes to your Institution’s total in some small way. How your team performs each round will drive the story in different directions, tracking the successes and failures of each Institution.

Each round your Institution will be paired against one of the other Institutions. So for example round one might be;

The Bank vs The Collective

The College vs The Family

The highest scoring players from each Institution will play each other, followed by the second highest scoring and so on.

Your Story

You play as an agent of your Institution with your actions leading to the success or failure of their endeavours into the Rift – and that’s where the limits of who you are ends.

We strongly encourage you to come up with your own narrative for who you are and why you’re fighting your way to the Rift.

Do you choose to play the same army each round? If so, perhaps you’re a loyal Basilean Warband who is simply choosing to fight alongside The Bank as a convenient means of making it through the many other warring factions.

Or do you change armies each round? In that case, are you an enforcer for The Family? Giving Generals from all different walks of life ‘offers that they cannot refuse’ in order to get them to fight in The Family’s interest.

The stories that you craft for yourself, shouldn’t be kept to yourself. Upload your own narratives at the end of each game and read through many others, comment, share and explore.

Join Into The Rift

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  3. Return here to enlist in the campaign, adding your name and army details

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