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Into The Rift

Into the Rift is an interactive event that combines elements of a tournament in a narrative campaign setting.


Into the Rift

In their greed and their arrogance, the Abyssal Dwarfs have dug too deep. In the bowels of Pannithor they have exposed something ancient, something dangerous.There are certain events that simply cannot go unnoticed for long. As reality bends under the Halpi Mountains, the great Institutions of Pannithor stir, slowly and inevitably turning their gaze towards the Rift. Beneath these mountains lies the promise of knowledge, riches, influence and power– for those strong enough to seize it. Are you ready to play your part?

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Into the Rift: Chapter I

Dorin plunged the ale soaked rag into the tankard for the fifth time that morning, despite the pewter cup being as clean as it was ever likely to be. He was distracted, he always seemed distracted lately. From his usual spot behind the bar he looked out at the distant peaks of the Halpi mountains. He couldnt put his finger on what, but something was causing his bones to ache in a way that they hadn’t since the war.

For three weeks Dorin had watched battalions of soldiers trudge past The Drunken Pony on their way to the Halpi peaks. There was nothing unusual in that in itself, wait long enough in any part of Pannithor and you had good odds of spotting the banners of one army or other before breakfast.

No, what troubled Dorin was the state of the soldiers coming back the other way. Some bore the unmistakable signs of battle in the frozen peaks of the mountains. Frostbitten and bloodied these were at least a familiar sight. But others looked as though they had been dragged through a blacksmiths forge. Their skin was burnt and cracked, with armour blackened by soot. Three days past Dorin had seen a band of mighty Ogre Hunters stalk past his window on their way to the mountain. The following day he watched in surprise as one of the Hunters tore past his tavern in full flight, a look of utter terror upon their face.

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The Forces

  • The Bank

    The Bank
    12 players

    No matter your species, language or deity; money talks.

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  • The Collective

    The Collective
    12 players

    Have you heard of The Collective? Of course you haven't, that's the point - but they’ve heard of you.

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  • The College

    The College
    12 players

    Students at the Grand College of Magic devote their lives to the understanding of the magical forces that shape Pannithor.

    1 minute read...

  • The Family

    The Family
    12 players

    Wherever trade takes place in Pannithor ‘The Family’ is never too far away.

    2 minute read...