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Into The Rift

Into the Rift is an interactive event that combines elements of a tournament in a narrative campaign setting.

This campaign ended on Sunday 16th June
with 48 armies battling it out over turns


Into the Rift

In their greed and their arrogance, the Abyssal Dwarfs have dug too deep. In the bowels of Pannithor they have exposed something ancient, something dangerous.There are certain events that simply cannot go unnoticed for long. As reality bends under the Halpi Mountains, the great Institutions of Pannithor stir, slowly and inevitably turning their gaze towards the Rift. Beneath these mountains lies the promise of knowledge, riches, influence and power– for those strong enough to seize it. Are you ready to play your part?

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Into the Rift: Epilogue

The Rift has begun to close around the armies of the Institutions. They must now retreat from the Halpi region lest they be lost within the strange and dangerous planes forever.

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The Forces

  • The Bank

    The Bank

    12 Players

    No matter your species, language or deity; money talks.

    2 minute read...

    The Bank Champion

    1. WhosThisThen
      Golekh Skinflayer's Anarcho Syndicalist Commune of Free Rats
  • The Collective

    The Collective

    12 Players

    Have you heard of The Collective? Of course you haven't, that's the point - but they’ve heard of you.

    2 minute read...

    The Collective Champion

    1. Arctopithecus
      Ironhold Throng
  • The College

    The College

    12 Players

    Students at the Grand College of Magic devote their lives to the understanding of the magical forces that shape Pannithor.

    1 minute read...

    The College Champion

    1. traishy
      jeffrey traish
  • The Family

    The Family

    12 Players

    Wherever trade takes place in Pannithor ‘The Family’ is never too far away.

    2 minute read...

    The Family Champion

    1. James M
      Sapphire Knights

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