Sapphire Knight campaign summary

Written by James M: Turn 5

Battled long ago, the story has faded into legend 30th January 2021


With the events of Halpi’s rift and the dangers posed by this, anyone with sense was interested in what is going on. However, the Sapphire Elves mages foresaw an army that would spell doom if no one did anything.

Elvan King Lendecie knew he has to marshal the Sapphire Knights army to confront this potential army before they get too powerful for the civilized lands ‘’Yes starting with your kingdom’’ Was the warning.

It was known that potentially the Sapphire Kingdom could survive the attack, but nothing else. Because they believed this was going to be Twilight Kin, it was reasonable that the forces of the Abyss, night stalkers… might follow through with an attack of their own.

Lendece was not alone, the likes of Tydarion and Elves from other nations became honorary members of the Sapphire Knights for the trials ahead.

Material Plane

Upon seeing some land that would provide a strategic foothold for the Sapphire Knights, Lendecie wasted no time trying to seize it. Opposing them were some Elohi, phoenixes alongside the mercenaries. This union of beings opposed the Elves. Lendecie even tried to explain though messages why they had to relent. There were several possibilities for this confrontation as neither will back up.

The Elohi could be mistaken, in their judgement of the situation, it could be that they were sent alongside the mercenaries to test and build up the Sapphire Knights. Another possibility was that the Elves were in the wrong, might be that the mage was economical with the truth in order to put their nation first.

But something seemed ‘wrong’ with the army.

Lendecie deployed the elves with palace guard, drackons and silver breeze in the centre to face of the infantry with spears and Tydarion squaring off the Elohi on the right flank. On the left the bolt throwers were facing of the steel behemoth. The mage and Lendecie stood in the centre. The battle plan was simple, yet effective. Of course, battle plans can go wrong, but Lendece managed to wrestle victory over the Elohi and mercenaries. They were in a position to send armies into other planes of existence.

Abyssal Plane

Upon the campaign the Sapphire Knights were confronted by Order of the Brothermark. Stupidity caused more obstacles than actual evil armies. There was no sign of this army and they will lose more lives in this encounter.

Lendece tried to avoid battle, but it was no good. Both sides met on the battlefield. Elves managed a decisive victory, but still lost lives that could potentially fight this evil army.

Empyrean Plane

Confronted by Goblins who seemed all to prepared for the dragon and drackons charge that the battle looked like it was lost as the counter charge from the goblins. The Elves held on despite appearing to lose the battle and in the end Sapphire Knights emerged victorious.

Ethereal Plane

The fourth battle, one before the big battle. After a tough battle with Ratkin, where both sides were devastating in shooting, Lendecie’s tactical knowledge along with his army’s skill in shooting and combat prevailed and took control of the battlefield, though the victory was hard earned.

Astral Plane

As Tydarion sat atop is dragon spying the final battle, the adversaries who had been pulling the strings. Across the merging of reality, he could see a distance thickness to the edge of the horizon. Soon, these became lots of small ants with some big ones. The Twilight Kin finally reveal themselves. But wait. If those are the infantry (by the banners) something is wrong. They looked ragged. Closer inspection they found this army was the foreseen army and they were not Twilight Kin. Goblins with all the best gathered into an unstoppable horde of goblins.

It seems the good forces were manipulated and were subsequently used to weaken the Sapphire Knights. Then the forces of the Goblins and Ratkin tried to attack the weakened army. They found an army that wasn’t weakened as much as they expected. So, the Sapphire Knights were still fighting strength. Now the finale. The Final battle of the campaign comes upon them at last.