Into the Rift: Epilogue

The Rift has begun to close around the armies of the Institutions. They must now retreat from the Halpi region lest they be lost within the strange and dangerous planes forever.

Event Champion

James Mitchell

(James M)

James Mitchell secured first place in the end, although The Family came in second in the team rankings they had some really great players with 4 of them finishing in the top 10. Jeffrey Traish of The College pushed his Institution to victory beating his closest team mate by 13 points. The Bank's Michael Smith and his insane army name (Golekh Skinflayer's Anarcho Syndicalist Commune of Free Rats) was their champion, and Henrik Hammaren snatched the champion victory for The Collective by beating his nearest team mate by only 1 point.

Best Author

Ben Rantall


Judging the writing for this event was a close call. We had some really great pieces of narrative submitted over the 5 rounds and we thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. Ben really put everything into his writing and developed a truly epic story that followed the twist and turns of the changing planes and battlegrounds and explained each and every one of his games in detail.

“No victory without study”

Taking into account the missing players from some of the institutions the final team rankings are...


Well, it would seem everything went to plan. The College won, they’ll soon be spreading the news of the rift in publications all over Pannithor. The Family finished strongly too and they won’t be able to resist bragging. The Bank will be hell bent on recovering their losses and the Collective will continue to recruit new members, telling them all about the signs they saw at Halpi’s Rift. Oh yes. Convincing these establishments to go to war here has set the stage for a much grander conflict. Soon all of the races and nations of Pannithor will hear of the great powers of the Rift and a much bigger conflict is sure to break out. The plan is still on course. I will keep you updated… My Emperor

A big thank's to all involved from Matt, Elliot and Tabletop Conflict