The College

Students at the Grand College of Magic devote their lives to the understanding of the magical forces that shape Pannithor. An inclusive establishment with no political or religious bias, students of the Grand College are from all over Pannithor. It is not uncommon to see a Human and Goblin student eating together in the banquet hall, and lessons are just as likely to be taught by a Salamander professor as they are an Elf.

Inquisitive by nature, the students of the college do not just research matters of conjury and spellcasting in isolation. Just as interesting is their research into the influence magic has over political and economic matters of Pannithor.

One group of students, calling themselves the Truthbringers, have been using magic to uncover the secrets of Pannithor, and make their findings known to as many denizens of the world as possible. The ruling classes have often been embarrassed by their findings, resulting in the college being placed in awkward situations.

Upon hearing the news of a disturbance at the Halpi Mountains, this group of students has decided to investigate. Some of the students are keen to learn about the eruption of magical power and how this can be harnessed, whilst some of the students have suspicions that this could be a conspiracy by the ruling elites.

The Truthbringers lack the funds to pay mercenaries to support their quest, but are smart enough to convince generals to side with them. If all else fails, those studying summoning or necromancy courses may use this as an opportunity to hone their craft.

In spite of the dangers, these students are determined to uncover the truth. The Halpi Mountains await...