The Family

Wherever trade takes place in Pannithor ‘The Family’ is never too far away.

In lands with little by the way of law and order, the group provides protection to the average trader, keeping them safe from raids by bandits and highwaymen. They provide this service either for a generous fee, or for a favour to be named at a later date. In places where there are regimes that impose overbearing tariffs and restrictions on trade, The Family often help traders to move their wares and circumvent restrictive trading rules - much to the chagrin of local authorities.

Some small minded groups see The Family not as a legitimate business, but as crooks, smugglers and extortioners. Rumour has it that the reason none of the major nations of Pannithor have been able to effectively eliminate The Family is due to officials being met with unfortunate accidents or bribed so that their more controversial activities are ignored.

Little is known of The Family’s leadership, such is the length of the organisation's chain of command. The head of the Family is only ever referred to as “The Boss”, and those who know this character's real identity would never dare disclose it for fear of repercussions.

Those who work for The Family come from all of Pannithors' races. Whether they are individuals looking to escape a life of poverty, people who owe the group a favour, or even those who are members just because they enjoy ‘the life’ - all are loyal to a fault. Getting into The Family is easy, but there is only one way to leave.

Such is the group's influence and reach, that it would surprise nobody if several of the most respected Generals of the armies of Pannithor were full fledged members of The Family. Such is the group's wealth, that they have been known to hire mercenary armies to protect their interests; if all else fails then they have the means to approach others with an offer that they can’t refuse.

As with any opportunity to increase their wealth and influence, the news of the events at the Halpi Mountains is of particular interest to The Family. The Boss is determined to ensure that the group takes their slice of the pie, and has ordered that anyone who dares cross them is sent to sleep with the Neriticans (alternative reprisals for Neriticans are available).

The good news is, The Boss trusts you to make sure that this operation goes nice and smoothly, and you wouldn’t dream of letting down The Family, would you?