Shield Host - Macedonia

Shield Host Macedonia led by the stalwart defender of the Imperium, Philip of Macedon has set forth from Terra, like many other Custodes they have left their post to bolster the Galaxy's Imperial defenders and drive back the forces of chaos in the name of the Emperor and Roboute Guilliman!

Regarded by the Inquisition as a mere soldier and a blunt instrument, Philip of Macedon, a master tactician schooled in the ancient studies of Terra, and nursing a warranted mistrust of all psykers, marshals his forces. His shield host has fanned out across the stars in pursuit of known traitors; supporting the Astartes & Inquisition in suppressing uprisings and destroying the Emperor's foes. Philip aspires to be the Emperor's exalted executioner, bringing the heads of infamous traitors before the golden throne felled by the weight of his gilded Castellan Axe.

Despite their uneasy relationship Philip and his patrol have been working closely with Inquisitor Xerxes to pinpoint the ancient enemy Typhus and the forces of Nurgle know as the Harbingers! Alas Xerxes, in possession of many Imperial secrets was ambushed by the Plague Lord and is in danger of being captured, Philip and his Custodes must act swiftly to rescue the Imperial operative, determine Typhus' intent and keep the Death Guard from obtaining classified information.

Excerpt from the Chronicles of Praetor Hephaestus