The Harbingers

Typhus is out for revenge.

Following his defeat at the hands of Inquisitor Xerxes on the distant Hive planet Thanidian III, Typhus has remained restless in his search for the Agent of the Imperium. Thannidian was never to be documented in the chronicles of Typhus and the Harbingers. A defeat in which the forces of the Death Guard were prevented from breaching the planet's primary hive spire and spreading the destroyer plague amongst the planetary governance, dignitaries and aristocracy was too reprehensible to be recorded.

With countless months wasted, precious resources consumed and much to the disapproval of his subservient Lords and Plague Champions, Typhus has followed the psychic sent of Xerexes across the gulf of space, first to a Necron infested Deathworld and now to the Agri world Bareus where the Death Guard have succeeded in ambushing the Inquisitor and his meager exploratory team. Xerexes is now on the run and Typhus has personally made planetfall to oversea his apprehension or murder should he resist.