Tabletop Conflict Updates - January 2021

Battle Report Builder

The current Battle Report builder has been improved with a new image upload and display function. You can now drag and drop your images into an image block anywhere within your report and get an instant preview.

The intuitive interface will show you a preview of your battle report and upload status. Currently all images will be displayed full width, aligning with the content text, however we will be adding controls to allow you to better manage the positioning of images within the content in a future update.

Additionally the Battle Report function is now more intelligent - It knows which turns are missing content and will allow you to create a report for a previous turn at any stage throughout the campaign.

Some campaigns allow you to field multiple forces; If you have more than one army participating in an event, you will also be able to select which of these armies you are creating the report for.

When generating your battle report the system will auto save your work. You can save a draft version of your content at any time and come back to it at a later stage to complete and publish. Even after publishing you will still have the ability to make draft amendments, and once you are happy with the updated content republish it for the world to see.

Battle Report Catalogue

How Battle Reports found on the campaign page are listed has also been improved. Thumbnail images are now displayed at a consistent size, and turn labelling has been refined to easily identify which turn the content is reporting on.

Your own personal content is displayed at the top of the Battle Reports page within any campaign you are participating in. There are links to edit your content here too, and if you have any games which do yet have Battle Reports or Narrative related to them, a link is present to allow you to add them.

Although only visible to you, any draft versions of your content that are not yet published are also listed and indicated in this section.

Campaign Organisers

For members running a campaign, we have now created a comprehensive campaign management page. This page displays all the current team and individual player rankings as well as the individual player details including their username and full name, along with the names of any of the armies they are using.

Participating players can now be contacted directly from within the campaign management page. This will make communication between the players and the organiser very straightforward.

Players can now also contact the organiser of any campaign they are participating in directly by using the contact the organiser button found at the top of the main campaign landing page

Finally for this update a delegate organisers feature has been added, which allows organisers to add other existing Tabletop Conflict users to help assist with their campaign. The delegate does not need to be participating in the campaign however they do require an existing Tabletop Conflict user account.